Firehouse Alerting System ** Mass Notification Alerting System

Firehouse Visual Alerting Systems

Visual Alerting is Superior to traditional Audio


Delivered faster than over the radio, easier to retain and stays on until units leave the station.

Wireless LED Alerting Technology


Simply install a few screws in the wall or add beam clamps and your led signs are ready.

Affordable for ANY Department


 From large professional agencies to the small rural volunteer stations. 


When seconds count, CommOptix delivers....through scrolling LED signs that display the message in milliseconds.  No more waiting for the tones to clear, no more wondering what was said.

Affordable for ANY Agency

CommOptix has developed a wireless scrolling notification system that is not a luxury item, but rather a necessity. Seconds matter when it comes to saving a life, achieving Accreditation certification and improved results. Our systems are EXTREMELY affordable and intended for agencies of ANY size. Contact us today.